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Quality can not be taken for granted. Everyone on our team of remodeling contractors is dedicated, and individually talented. Pushing each other to be great. Because of this team, we continue to strive for the best version of ourselves. Resonating on where we are today nourishing the talent of where we will be tomorrow.

Our ideal customer has a strong belief in character traits that support creativity and problem-solving.

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We want to work with clients who have respect for hustle, determination, sacrifice, perseverance, and strong leadership

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We are firm believers in designing the best possible spaces using up-front detailing and material selection.   Second, we build our designs using mock-ups have keen attention to workmanship and quality control.  Last we confirm our designs and build by verifying by visual reviews, qualitative and quantitative testing.  Our trades are incentivized to deliver true craftsmanship on all the work before the final test.

We are construction experts and our goal is to save you time and deliver value to each project. Our Clients are looking for more than on time, on a budget, or to code.

Alquimia clients want and expect a higher performance home and have expectations for durability, energy/carbon, comfort, health, maintenance/repair
and resilience.

We are experts at designing, planning, and managing the complexity of thermal, moisture, and acoustic comfort.

Our reputation is solid, and our attitude is contagious.

Communication is essential for a remodeling project to be successful. Here are some of our most critical processes.

  • Our team is constantly striving to get better at what we do.
  • We constantly ask ourselves is that the best you can do?
  • Education is cheap compared to ignorance.
  • We pride ourselves on being current to the latest technology that makes your house a home.
  • Limited

Areas of Focus

We are different from most firms in that our single business will be able to see your project through from concept to completion, keeping the design, engineering, and budget in mind. We focus on designing and building spaces that have high levels of comfort. Fresh, healthy air throughout the entire building. Focus on structure longevity by building mold free buildings with high levels of moisture damage. Low heating and cooling costs.

Architect Driven Custom Home Builds

If you prefer to hire only one company for design and construction services, your best bet may be to hire a design/build firm. Design/build is a concept developed to benefit the new construction homeowner by providing both quality design and construction services within the same general contracting company. A design/build contractor will be able to see your project through from start to finish, keeping design, engineering, and budget in mind. Some design/build firms have architects on staff, others use certified designers.

Mid and High Rise Renovations

Outside of buying your home, remodeling may be the single biggest investment you make. You need to know that the remodeling contractor you choose is a full-time, dedicated remodeling professional.

Whole Home Remodles

Alquimia Inc will lead the team to procure all material, labor, equipment, and services necessary to complete a successful construction project. Our general contractors will hire and oversee all the specialized subcontractors required to perform all or portions of your project.

High levels of comfort

Comfortable Spaces

Our spaces are characterized by consistent temperatures on all interior surfaces and constant indoor climates without temperature swings or draughts – during cold winter months as well as hot summer periods.

At the same time, a Passive House building’s superior ventilation system ensures ample fresh air at room temperature and makes for high indoor air quality.

Structural Longevity

Mold free buildings with a significantly reduced risk of moisture damage

Bulk water design and managment is key to haveing a safe healthy home

High insulation levels, thermal bridge-free design, and an airtight envelope, three key aspects needed to achieve Passive House level efficiency, have an additional advantage: high-quality building physics.

Quality Indoor Air Quality

Consistent supply of fresh air throughout the entire building

Build Tight and Breath Right

An airtight building envelope ensures that the ventilation system works as efficiently as possible. Perhaps more importantly, it is also key to preventing moisture damage and mold growth.

Energy Effeciency

We design and build very efficient buildings

We design our projects to use very little energy from the start. By using less energy helps control costs and protect our planet.

Efficiently designed buildings can do more with less. Meaning that we can design to use solar or other renewables to create Net Zero homes.

Portfolio of Projects.

Passion is a keyword for what we do. Our craftsmen has a keen eye for details and finishes. Our processes use modern technology to celebrate historical building methods. We are proud to share a few snapshots of our work.

Years In Business

Hours of Education

continuing education courses

New Construction

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Partners and Brands that We Trust

Some of these brands have been with us for over 20 years. Others we have only learned about last week. The bottom line is we only work with the best products and you can trust the brands that we deliver to the job site.

Our Customers Reviews

Our construction team is located in Houston, Texas and we provide construction services. We’re really fond of designing and building some of the coolest homes and are really passionate about comfort, air quality, quiet spaces, high performance homes, and creativity.

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