Energy Recovery Ventilation: What Is an ERV and Do I Need One?
When you build a home, you want that home to be healthy for everyone who enters it. The easiest way to do this is to include a system air filtration system that will help bring fresh air into the home....
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Condo Renovation
Are You up for a High Rise Renovation? Everything You Need to Know About High-Rise Condo Remodeling How do you make home renovations more interesting? That's easy. Hoist them thousands of feet up in the air! We're talking about condo...
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Custom Bathroom Remodel
Construction Services Frequently Asked Questions
Do you provide free estimates? Free estimates and the design bid, build system is a broken system. We are not interested in working for clients who are shopping for our services or keeping their preferred contractor in check. Furthermore, no...
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Passive House Design Houston Texas
Passive House Design: A Home That’s Built to Last
There are many misconceptions surrounding passive home design. When most people hear the term, images of eccentric architecture and energy-saving techniques that are as much an eyesore as they are impractical spring to mind. Giant black barrels filled with water...
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Kitchen Remodeling Project
Kitchen Remodel
Kitchen Remodeling in Houston We design and craft beautifully handcrafted kitchens. Each kitchen is planned by our team of architects, designers and cabinet makers here in Houston Texas. Each of our craftsmen brings their expertise and knowledge of the materials...
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Bathroom Remodel in Houston
Bathroom Remodeling
Are You Ready to Design and Build the Bathroom that You Want? We love what we do. More than 80% of homeowners have an unhappy experience with their general contractors. The reason is that most general contractors are thinking about...
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