Alquimia, Inc. is built on a team of talent and a quality-based value system. Each team member brings a unique expertise to the company. With a collaboration of backgrounds in engineering, property management, residential construction, restaurant design, real estate and interior design, the leadership team is family-based and has worked together successfully for more than 20 years on residential construction projects. In short, the Alquimia client will benefit from the team’s solid range of experience and talent.

Alquimia President and Founder Fulton Davenport brings his eye for detail and sophisticated design to every home he builds. Well regarded for his art, photography, and graphic design , Mr. Davenport uses his creative touch to refine every corner of the Alquimia home. This eye for design is coupled with more than 20 years of experience in residential construction and remodeling projects. Davenport has built the Alquimia team with some of the best engineers, architects, interior designers and real estate professionals in the Greater Houston area.

Alquimia Principal Claude Davenport has built, managed and redeveloped numerous residential and commercial properties since 1979. Additionally, Mr. Davenport brings an extensive background in engineering and construction management, having worked for the Dow Chemical Company for more than 34 years. He is an expert in material selection and feature design for energy-efficient, low maintenance homes.

Each Alquimia home is as unique as the client designed with the homeowners personal style, lifestyle and priorities in mind. With appealing design and details, every room of the Alquimia home is based on smart design, using low-maintenance materials and technology.

Alquimia homes are energy efficient, using passive energy design. Our homes take advantage of physics and are designed for low-maintenance living and maximum comfort. Many of these energy efficient features reduce solar heat gain, resulting in lower utility costs. These features include:

  • correct window positioning with minimized windows and doors on east and west sides of home
  • vent skinned for energy efficiency
  • roof decking with radiant barrier passive ridge vents in attic
  • multiple glazed windows
  • un-faced insulation
  • balanced HVAC system

The Alquimia home is designed with quality assurance and quality control in mind. This begins with the foundation. Soil samples and site surveys enable the teams structural engineer to design the proper support for the home. After the pouring of the concrete, several concrete compression tests are conducted to ensure the solidity of the foundation. Framing integrity must also meet the highest standards. Daily quality assurance walk thorough are conducted to ensure proper materials, formation and safety.

The Alquimia team designs and builds homes with your life in mind. Every inch of the Alquimia home is designed and planned around the homeowners lifestyle. Our team is expert in spatial planning for practical needs, taking into account the homeowners furnishings, traffic patterns and future needs. Each client will be presented with multiple options for floor plans with furniture layouts. The Alquimia home is as multi-functional and multi-dimensional as todays homeowner.

The Alquimia audience is special. We build homes for a unique customer. The Alquimia homeowner may be a professional family or couple who are interested in downsizing home maintenance details while upgrading in quality construction. This sophisticated audience appreciates enhancements which could include architect-designed exterior and interior lighting, walnut floors, stone counter tops, and professional kitchens and appliances. Finally, the location of the Alquimia home is strategically planned for this audience in Houstons close-in neighborhoods, minutes from downtown and the cities vibrant art and theatre districts.