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Tips and Trends for Home Remodel



Tips and Trends for Houston Home Remodeling


Plan then Plan again and then just for fun plan some more.

Start to finish is the best way to think about your project. Your home improvement project needs to start off with careful planning. These Houston home improvement projects will enable you to update and personally customize your home.  Home remodeling will increase the value of your investment and provide you with the comfort of your new living space.  Houston home remodeling will costs a lot less than the expense of a new home.

  • Evaluate the whole property.  Look at all the details and the big stuff.
  • What repairs are needed to be completed now?
  • What repairs can wait till later?
  • Create program list of all the improvements you would like to What improvements would you like to make?
  • Think ahead.
  • Think about your future needs such as a larger family.

Alquimia Inc, a Houston home remodeling company, will invite you to our offices to look over your project and provide you with a written quote. Here, our Houston-based remodeling company will help you in your planning and guide you through the maze of home construction.  Our team of experts can check if you are in flood zone, the size of the lot, and other information such as drainage and water rights.  You can share your vision for your custom home, addition, remodel, or any other project.  Reviewing your homeowner’s insurance policy is smart.  You will want to have a conversation with your insurance company and make adjustments for the added value of the work.

Design and Function Considerations

You are expanding your home in the back or adding a room upstairs for a family member. Design and function of these spaces and how they integrate into your existing home should be right at the top of your decision-making process.

Larger projects or more complicated project take even more planning and design and function considerations.  Here are a few thoughts:

  • what is the intended use of the space
  • how do the spaces flow with other existing rooms
  • the movement of space
  • electrical outlets and low voltage connections
  • the type of lighting required meaning is it task lighting, emergency exit lighting or landscape lighting.
  • Low voltage controls for lighting, HVAC, audio and your sprinkler system.
  • Evaluate your current and future storage needs and whether you want to include luxury items

Design and lifestyle living go hand and hand.  A review of these details will allow you to plan for the project and enjoy the new space in the future.  Our Houston professional remodeling contractor and design service will help you with time and money-saving hints.



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