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Bathroom Design Tips
Are you ready to remodel your bathroom!  If so here are 11 Top Rated Bathroom Design Tips that you should consider before you get started with your residential remodel project in Houston.

11 Top Rated Bathroom Design Tips

1. Are there some specific features that will make your Houston bathroom remodel more comfortable for you?
2. How would you like to use your bathroom?
3. Is this a family bath or master bath?
4. How many people will be using it?
5. Evaluating your current bathroom, is there enough counter space?  Are there enough bathroom sinks for your family?
6. Are there enough bathrooms in the house or should you consider adding another room? (This is usually a concern as children reach their teen years and also with expanding families.)
7. There has long been the debate: Showers or Baths? Are you comfortable with a tub shower combo unit? Are there specific features you have wanted?  For example a claw-foot tub or six and a half foot soaking tub?
8. How is the bathroom storage? Is it an adequate room? Here is a tip. Make a list of all the items that you would consider storing in your bathroom. Do not forget items such as toiletries, linens, cleaning agents, fire extinguisher, emergency first aid, and medications. Think about where you want to store these items. Do you want to hide things by the toilet? You might want and need a stack of towels next to the shower. Storage is one of the biggest concerns in any design, particularly in rooms as small as the regular bath. Carefully consider this aspect of the place during your preplanning phase.

9. Have you examined the lighting in your bathroom?
10. If the tub in question is a shared bath for the family, have you considered a separate area for sinks where the kids can brush their teeth and not bother someone taking a shower.
11. Tired of running out of hot water?  On demand, hot water heaters are a fantastic energy saver?

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