Architect Nathan Somera and Remodeling Companies Alquimia Inc Team for Full Commercial Renovation

Created cost estimation for the renewal of the lobby, security desk, mailroom, meeting room, kitchen, and gym.

Alquimia Inc, one of the top-rated remodeling companies in Houston worked closely with architect Nathan Somera to complete this project.

Project management for $300,000 renovation with architect and building manager and board of directors. Includes millwork, new wood floors, new kitchen, new carpet floor, convert wallpaper coated walls to match sheetrock texture. New electrical systems and low voltage systems. 2500 square foot renovation.

Originally, Alquimia Inc was just a consultant on the new summer kitchen build for the residence.  Then we were asked to replace the original contractor due to lack of project management skills and knowledge of building materials.

Hurricane Harvey was tragic for all of Houston. Alquimia Inc was contacted the day water was 6” deep in the lobby and both parking garages and elevators were filled with water. Centralized demo and clean out crews for immediate remediation. We focused on getting temporary water and power back on in the building.

Then we worked with SSR engineering and ML Reid architects to design and master plan to rebuild and move all water, electrical, and backup generator mechanicals to a new location that would not flood in the future. We continued to repair and replace old systems with new modern designs and materials that would be able to handle future floods.

  • Custom Walnut Millwork
  • Two Lobby Bathrooms Remodels
  • Custom Cabinets and Full Kitchen Renovation
  • Low Voltage Design and Installation for Door Access, Lobby WIFI, TV Monitors for Residence
  • Summer Kitchen Design and Build
  • Full Renovation after Hurricane Harvey
  • and much more...