Remodeling Contractors in Houston - Whole House Flood Repair and Garage Apartment

The project started as a simple garage apartment gut and renovation but turned into a whole home renovation because of faulty plumbing.

Remodeling contractors created cost estimation for the renewal of a garage apartment for a high-end home. The project consisted of concept, design, and presentation to homeowners. Then work with a limited budget to deliver a high-end look and feel to a garage apartment that will be used for both a guest home and home office. Project management for $100,000 renovation. New electrical systems, plumbing systems, Cabinetry, HVAC, Tile, Wood Floors, Epoxy Garage Floor, Painting, and general condition interior repairs. 1000 square foot renovation.

After work was completed the homeowners were traveling abroad and contacted Aqluimia Inc about a leak in the main house.  Because of a faulty install of a simple sink fixture water leaked for several days in the main house.   Aqluimia fully restored floors, cabinets, and walls to their original beauty.  Meanwhile, we upgraded the galvanized plumbing to a modern Uponor PEX system. Furthermore, we upgraded electrical to meet modern codes.

  • Design and Interior Design
  • Upgrade all Galvanized Pipe to Uponor PEX
  • Upgrade Electrical to Modern Code
  • Low Voltage Lighting and Audio
  • Restoration of Wood Floors, Walls and Cabinets because of Flood
  • and much more...