Save yourself time, money, and frustration, and hire an expert before you start your project so the mistakes will not cost you in the end. Let our design team prepare your paid proposals, product specs, and shop drawings.

Architectural Plans to Shop Drawings
$ 175


  • Floor Plans and Elevation Plan Review w Architect and Contractor
  • Construction Consultation
  • Conversion from Architectural Plans to Shop Drawings
  • Product and Finish Recommendations
  • Jobsite Visit for Field Verification
  • Jobsite Follow Up During Construction
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Building Science Consultation
$ 200


  • Building Enclosures
  • Moisture Control Fundamentals
  • Rail Control Strategies
  • Joints, Transitions, and Penetrations
  • Water Vapor Control Recommendations
  • Insulation Systems
  • Rainwater Control Systems
  • Detailing for Moisture Control
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Take Off and Estimation
$ 1.95

per foot

  • Material Take-Off Service
  • Plan Design Analysis
  • Construction Cost Proposals
  • Accurate Lists of Materials
  • Preparing Assembly Drawings
  • Sourcing the Best Supplier for Materials
  • Discovering Potential Drawing Issues Prior to Construction
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Frequently Asked Questions

We are sure you have a bunch of questions and concerns. We will do our best to update this list to ensure you can always find the answers you need.

Do you provide free estimates? Free estimates and the design, bid, build system is a broken system. We are not interested in working for clients who are shopping for our services or keeping their preferred contractor in check. Furthermore, no one should be working for free. Here is why. Projects are complicated. It takes a huge amount of time, expertise, and knowledge to research and price these jobs. We are paid to provide value-driven paid proposals that in the rare event we do not get the job the project owner now has a valuable asset that they can use to complete the job on their own or with a different builder. The bottom line is you might be a tire kicker or shopping a project. That is just fine. Let us know and on our first phone call, we will ballpark an estimate. We know the ballpark costs from the years of experience we have in the construction business and we will provide you with a cost range estimate. With our paid proposals we collect a retainer to cover the time and effort it takes to properly prepare a written project cost proposal. We will need a full set of construction and engineering drawings and finish schedules to properly price the project. We meet with the team and all the designers. We provide a full written proposal with details and we begin our relationship with our clients. Our ideal client sees the value that we provide with paid proposals.
What is a general contractor? In the simplest of terms, a general contractor is in charge of everything on the project. We are the project managers. We are the hub on the wheel and the spokes are your arms reaching out to our network of construction experts who will help deliver your vision.

The general contractor handles all the daily construction management duties, including research and purchasing of construction materials, hiring of trades and craftsmen for specific building construction duties, communication with vendors and trades, monitoring schedule and budgetary concerns, and overall supervision of the construction site.

Do you carry insurance? Yes, we carry general liability insurance. In order to work in a high rise, almost every client we have worked for requires general liability insurance.
Can I be involved in the construction process? Yes, absolutely! This is your building design and building construction project, and your wants, needs, and desires should always be kept front of mind by your project manager. As a Houston construction company, Alquimia, Inc. is proud to use BuilderTrend software so you are able to keep track of all communications, To-Do, and Tasks via a client portal. You can keep track of the project from afar or come to the Jobsite every day.
Will someone be working on my project every day? No, there might be days where we do not schedule anyone on your job. Communication is key to a successful construction project. This is why we use Buildertrend and you will have access to who is scheduled to be on your job that day and their tasks. If weather affects the job then the schedule will be automatically updated.
Do you accept credit card payments? Yes we are set up to accept credit card payments
Can you help me find a qualified architect? Yes. Not all architedcts might be the best fit for your project. We have worked with somee of the best architects in Houston. We have solid professional relationships with several architects and we can suggest who we think might be the best fit so you can meet and interview the perfect partner for your custom build.
How transparent are you on what and where costs are being spent on a custom home? 100% transparent. This is the beauty of a cost-plus construction contract. Furthermore, transparency comes from proper planning. Homeowners will have full access to all costs and records of all payments.
Do you use a project management system to track your project? Yes, we use a product called Builder Trend. Easily view documents, mark up plans, manage to schedule, send estimates, and more from the palm of your hand. Our customers will have their own suite of powerful tools to help them stay up-to-date on their projects.
Do you work on the weekends? Yes and no! Most commercial and high rise construction jobs do not allow us to work on the weekends. Some neighborhoods do not allow us to work on the weekends. Yes, we will work if we can.
Do your trades cary insurance? Yes, we require all of our subcontractors to carry general liability insurance.
How long does it take to build a new home? The timeline for completion of your design-build project will vary depending on the scale and complexity of your building design and building construction needs. As your new construction contractor in Houston, we work with our clients through every step of their project. We use modern project management software that has a schedule and calendar in the homeowner portal. When changes are made clients can see their schedule automatically adjust.
What are normal construction hours? Typically we arrive on the Jobsite between 8 and 8:30 AM. Our crew nomally takes an hour's lunch around noon. We clean up and typically finish at the Jobsite around 5 PM.
How many years have you been in business? We have been in business for over almost 20 years. Alquimia Inc was incorporated on September 9th, 2002.
What if I want to build my own project. Do you offer consulting services? Doing your own home remodeling project can be quite rewarding but can also present you with some expensive some challenges. We have over 20 years experience in the Houston construction business. Do not make the costly mistakes that will make you regret doing your own project. Get Alquimia inc involved before you start and let our team of experts guide you through the maze of a construction project holding your hand as much or as little as you want or need. Our consulting services save you time and money!
What is a Cost Plus Contract? One way of working with Alquimia Inc is a cost-plus percent contract for your job. Cost-plus pricing is a pricing method we use in which the selling price is determined by adding a specific amount markup to a product's unit cost.

We scan and present a copy of all invoices and expenses paid for the job and we require payments along the way. Our cost-plus invoices move up and down depending on how the scope of the job changes. A cost-plus contract is very typical for a remodel job because just about every time we open a wall we find something that we did not expect.

We use change orders along the way as the job scope changes. Change orders are to be paid 100% upfront at the time of the change.

Can you help me find a lot for my custom home? Yes. We have a rich history of pocket listings in certain neighborhoods and we have trusting relationships with several Houston realtors.

Alquimia, Inc. is a team of talent and believes in a quality-based value system. Each team member brings a unique expertise to the company in Houston.

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